Friday, 26 February 2016

The Liebster Tag

Hi there! I've been nominated for The Liebster Tag by the amazing Nicky (, V ( and Girl On Rainbow (! Thank you so much! I honestly didn't expect this and I was planning on doing The Liebster Tag and The Lip Product Tag on this post, but if I had it would have been super long. I don't want to make this eternal, so I'll quickly tell you the rules and go on with the tag!

  1. Tag the person who nominated you and thank them.
  2. Answer the 11 questions you are given.
  3. Nominate 11 new bloggers and tag them.
  4. Give them 11 new questions to answer.
  5. Notify your nominees.

  1. One situation in your life you were really happy
    I feel sorry because I'm going to repeat what I said in my last post, but... with my theatre group, we did the musical "Fiddler On The Roof", which I translated and in which I played Hodel, one of my favourite characters from musicals ever. At the end of the first show (which got amazing reviews in newspapers) EVERYBODY on that room gave us a standing ovation. I tear up thinking about it now... we worked so hard, and I for sure would do it all over again!
  2. What song was the last you listened?
    Someday by Eternal!
  3. Book/movie everybody should have read/watched
    100% The Little Prince. It makes you realise of what is actually important in life. In my head, everybody reads it and understands it, but sadly... it isn't always so. It makes me really sad, because it's a really important book for me!
  4. Funniest moment with your friends
    I don't know if I can pick one... I especially like having dinner with them and just talking about our nonsense ^^
  5. Who are your favorite bloggers and why?
    Do you really want me to pick? This is so hard! I'm just going to name two because the more I name, the more I will regret forgetting someone. I'm going to say El The Bookworm and Rosie! I really feel like their blogs have something that connects with me.
  6. What do you think about when you’re home alone?
    All sorts of things! I think about my future, my past, books, movies, youtube... I also sing at the top of my lungs a lot!
  7. What wish did you have when you were little?
    I wished to fit in so, so badly. I always felt left out. Now I see it stopped me from being myself!
  8. One thing you wish everybody in the world would know
    Respect. If we learned to respect each other, many problems would be erased!
  9. What do you want to reach through your blog, and why did you start?
    I really don't know where I'm going. I'd been wanting to start one for a while, and I had finished writing my 8-year fanfiction (okay, yes, I'm a nerd), so I couldn't bear to sit there and not write weekly. It only took me three weeks to start the blog! I made the final decision after reading Girl Online :)
  10. What is your favorite birthday present you’ve ever got?
    Last Summer was my 20th birthday and all my family gathered money so I could fly to LONDON to watch LES MISÉRABLES which, as you know, is ONE OF MY BIGGEST OBSESSIONS. I SAW CARRIE HOPE FLETCHER AND I MET HER AND SHE WAS THE SWEETEST AND I CRIED SO MUCH AND I SHould probably calm down. But I swear, it was the most perfect day ever.
  11. Do you have a place to go which you love? And why do you love it?
    There is that kind of forest besides to my village. There is a specific tree I used to visit when I was having a bad time. Sadly, they cut it off! But I still visit the place some times. I love it because I can be completely alone and think.

1) What's one strange skill you want to master ?(e.g. typing blindfolded)
I want to learn Hebrew! Is that strange?

2) Have you done your homework yet? (hehe)
You know, some of it hahaha I still have the whole weekend though!

3) It's the zombie apocalypse and you only have food as a weapon, what would you use?
Banana peels to make them trip over while I run away!

4) You're phone is 1% and the only way to recharge it is to dance as weirdly as you can, what song would you use?

5) You're about to lose your beloved bed forever and the only way to save it is to trip on soap, what brand of soap would you trip on?
Okay, that question is kinda strange hahaha I guess on one I didn't like, so I could hate it even more!

6) What's your sassiest comeback? (no foul language)
Wow, I don't know... I tend to be really sassy with kids who are sassy to others hahaha They complain but they love it!

7) The world can only be one color, ugly green or hideous pink?
Well, green. As much as I love La Vie En Rose, green is the colour of nature, so I'd rather see a natural world than an artificial one.

8) You get to be a Starbucks cup, what drink do you want to be filled with?

9) It's your last day on earth, what embarrassing thing would you do?
I would be with my friends and family and say everything I've been holding back, I suppose.

10) You're being chased by the cops, what disguise would you use?
I would wear normal clothes, different from the ones they had seen, and my glasses, and I would try to look as innocent as possible!

11) If you can be a Unicorn for one day, what would you do?

1-  Favourite song at the moment?
My all-time favourite is On My Own from Les Misérables, but lately I've been loving When We Were Young by Adele!

2- What is your biggest pet peeve?
When people are extremely inactive and don't have any initiative. Like... do something! It's like they don't have blood in their veins! I understand everybody has their own personality, but sometimes it's too extreme and it's hard for me to bear having someone asking what to do all the time, or just standing there when we have a group project or we have to get something done.

3- Whats the best birthday you ever had?
I've already answered this one!

4- Favourite dream you had?
When I was little I used to dream I could fly and I ended up believing it. Those dreams were super fun!

5- What is something you wish was real?

6- Where in the world would you love to travel to?
At the moment I'd love to visit Greece, Scotland and the Philippines. Also NYC to see a play in Broadway!

7- Who is your favourite youtuber?
Carrie Hope Fletcher (itswaypastmybedtime), Dan (danisnotonfire), Phil (amazingphil) and Zoella.

8- Who is your favourite Disney character?
It's like choosing between my children TT I really like characters like Rapunzel and Anna, and I always could relate a lot to Belle! I also like Mushu and Vanellope.

9- What would you erase in this world? Why?
Wars. We just need to stop hurting one another.

10-What is your favourite food?


11- What advice would you give to bloggers?
Just blog about what makes you happy, write about what you're invested in. Then you'll see people relate to you in ways you didn't expect!

That was a lot to answer hahaha I wanted to do a Q&A next week but I feel like we can leave it for another week because you won't have many questions left after this!

These are my questions for my nominees:
1. What is your favourite book and why?
2. Do you have any strange hobby?
3. What TV series do you recall watching when you were a kid?
4. What would you like to be when you grow up?
5. If you could re-live anything in your life, what would it be?
6. If you could choose a place and time to live throughout history, what would you choose?
7. What scares you the most?
8. What do you wish you knew when you were younger?
9. What is your favourite Dessert?
10. Who is your favourite singer/band?
11. Tell us a random fact about yourself!

So that's it! I nominate (12 people because I'm just that cool): El The Bookworm (, Rosie (, Beth May (, Girl Abroad (, Ella (, nycheartsme (, Hannah Porter (, Katherine (, Laura (, Emily Maltby (, Catriona (, Anne (

And you, yes you reading it, you're nominated, you can't escape it! I hope you'll have as much fun as I did!

A big big hug!



  1. I can't believe I'm one of your favourite blogs! Thank you so much, that truly made my day.

    1. Of course you are! Thank you for writing such amazing content! ^^ xx

  2. Thank you so much for calling me one of your favourite blogs, it means so much, and I didn't even know anyone would consider my blog one of their faves! So thank you :) Although I have already done this tag I really really appreciate the nomination and your comments about me. Your answers were great. xx

    1. It is! I always find it really interesting to read ^^ It's okay! xx

  3. Thankyou for nominating me xoxo

    1. You're welcome! I hope you'll have fun with it! xx

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination! I so excited to do it xx

  5. Congratulations on your nomination! That's awesome sauce! On My Own is my favourite song too! I love me some classic broadway <3

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

    1. YES CLASSIC BROADWAY! I love it! xx

  6. Congratulations, you really deserve this! Love your blog!

    Check out my recent? xx

  7. Oooh I really need to get round to doing this haha! Next weekend for sure!xx

    Check out my recent?

  8. Nice post, I love how we are so similar!