Friday, 20 May 2016

The Happiness Tag

Things that make me happy:

(Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...)


New books
Rainy days
Baking goods!


Harry Potter: this just has to be the number one influence on my life since I read the first book when I was 7! I've made so many amazing friends thanks to Harry Potter and I've always been really active on the fandom. I've written fanfiction, read the books up to 7 times... I just love it!

The Fault in Our Stars: okay, I know this is supposed to be "things that make me happy" and you must be thinking TFiOS is a tear jerker... well, it makes me cry a lot, but it's also one of the things that brings the most joy to my life. I just have a connection with that book. It speaks to me on such a deep level! It's also one of my favourite films, but I've decided to put it just once so it would make room for more things :)

The Little Prince: I've said it before and I'll say it again: everybody should read this book! Adults more than children. We need to go back to the roots and see what's important in life. Sometimes we get so obsessed over the unimportant things that we get lost. To me, that book is solid ground. Is me knowing what I have to value.

All My Friends Are Superheroes: THIS IS THE CUTEST BOOK IN THE WORLD. It wasn't on my favourite books post, but I love it. It's actually Carrie Hope Fletcher's favourite book! So there's that. If there's a word that defines it is endearing. It just leaves me with a warm feeling and makes me so happy.

Malory Towers: talk about throwback! I've read these thousands of times and I love Enid Blyton. It actually inspired me to write a story when I was 10 and I still have it hahaha I still find myself going back to them every some months!


My village
Playing theatre

Music (artists, songs, musicals...)

Les Misérables: IT HAD TO BE SOMEWHERE. As with TFiOS, it's one of my favourite movies too, but I've decided to put it on the list just once. Do I really need to tell you again how much I love this musical?

Danielle Bradbery: my favourite "mainstream" singer, winner of The Voice US season 4. She has a huge voice and needs to be more promoted, because even though her first album was average, she's been getting new amazing songs out and I can't wait to see the studio versions on a new album!

Lea Salonga: my favourite musical theatre singer. If I could just listen to her live... I'd be the happiest person on the planet. I admire her so much, and her skill is undeniable. She's such a funny person too! And her daughter is the cutest! (Let me say I wanted to put Carrie Hope Fletcher here so badly but I wanted to talk about different categories and she fell on Lea's... but I love her too!)

Txarango: you probably won't know about them, but they're a Catalan band which has been touring all over the world. And to me, they are the definition of something that makes me happy. Their music can always lift my mood. There isn't a grey day when they're around. I've also heard them live a handful of times and you have such a fun time.

Haven't Met You Yet: This song is by Michael Bublé and never fails to make me smile! I love the whole feel of the song!

(Sidenote: I have my "Favourite Musical Songs" playlist on while I'm writing this post and "My Favourite Things" has just started to play! This is perfect!)

Films & TV

DOCTOR WHO.: Just freaking Doctor Who. I love how it celebrates the wonders of the smallest things human beings do, the smallest acts of kindness that make us human. It makes me cry and laugh at the same time and it's such a special show to me.

Mary Poppins: This was my favourite film growing up and it holds a special place in my heart! It's so endearing and fun and funny. I love it :)

Hercules: I wanted to say "Disney Films" in general, but I felt it was like cheating... so I decided to write my favourite one instead! But if I say it maybe that's cheating too... Oh dear! Well, I'm sure you all know how special Disney films are to our generation :)

Castle: I'm still in denial over it ending. Castle's character is a joy. A writer investigating crimes... I love his out-of-the-box way of thinking and his different abilities. The other characters and the stories are also phenomenal.

The Big Bang Theory: Just funny! The characters are so well-rounded and they have the craziest ideas. I love it!

And that's it! Thank you so much Beth for nominating me, this was so fun to do! You can go check Beth's post here ^^ I want to apoligise to whoever invented this because I know music wasn't on the original, BUT it didn't feel right to leave it out! So I just had to add it hahaha I nominate Laura, Iris and Jess! I hope you'll enjoy doing it!

A big big hug,



  1. Yay thanks so much for nominating me!!! This looks so fun :)

    And OMG I LOVE MARY POPPINS!!! And Harry Potter!!! And TFIOS!!! Haha. Oh and The Big Bang Theory too that show is hilarious!!!


    1. It is! Hahaha you have good taste ;) xx

  2. mary poppins & malory towers were some of my favourites too! Lovely post xx

  3. It is great to know more about you! I love baking too x

  4. Aw, Doctor Who makes me happy to! It's my go to with a mug of hot chocolate and a box of sweet things when I've had a bad day! :)

  5. I really admire you idea of listing the topics you're going to blog about then dividing them into sections-very clever. And I am a massive Doctor Who fan too, I cannot wait for the next installment!

    Ps: Like you idea of the "Happiness Tag"!

    BBB xxx

    1. Well, I actually took this from the previous tag, it's really practical! Next season can't come quick enough! xx

  6. I love The Fault In Our Stars and Hercules! Thankyou for tagging me xx

    1. Yay!! I hope you'll have fun with it! xx

  7. I love this post! x
    Morgan |

  8. Oh my god, thank goodness I'm not the only Harry Potter obsessed older than 10 :)

    1. We are not the only ones, there are thousands! Hahaha And under-10s can't understand the last books, actually, they're aimed for adults :) xx

  9. Hehe pleased I'm not the only one who got the song my favourite things in my head whilst doing this tag! I kept reading through it going, me too! to everything! I love the smell of new books, rainy days, peach, green tea, and baking goods! And Les Miserables too, ofc! xxx

  10. i love les mis too and rainy day x