Monday, 19 September 2016

My Summer Goals Recap: Did I Reach Them?

Hi guys! I did a post at the beginning of this Summer telling you the goals I wanted to reach, and I think it can be good to write a review to see if I reached them!

1- Take care of my garden
This was my main goal for the Summer and I can tell you I did it! The weeds that filled my garden were taken away and burned, and after many hours of work, it was empty and ready for many activities that we eventually did!

2- Host dinners with my friends
This is a tricky one, because I did host some dinners but not as many as I would've liked. I can always keep trying, Summer or Winter! :)

3- Not get stressed out from my many jobs
I worked on a Summer school during the mornings and had several English and Violin students to teach in the afternoon... so it was easy to get stressed out! I loved every second of my jobs, to be honest. I was happy it was Monday again and I could go to work, because I thoroughly enjoyed it. I got tired but I was always happy because I liked what I was doing. So goal achieved!

4- Go to the swimming pool often
I did go to the swimming pool almost every day, even though I didn't really exercise a lot. But hey, I achieved my goal. Tick!

5- Deal with a certain person better
"You know me. It's really hard for me to hate someone. But there's a girl that just has the power to make me mad every time she opens her mouth. I don't like how she treats children, I don't like how she treats me and I don't like how she treats her friends. She's always acting as if she was the only one who does every single thing right and doesn't have any concept of responsibility or commitment. She just has a really negative aura and I find myself falling into negativity when I'm around her."
That's what I said on my first post and I stand by it. However... I managed to avoid the negativity and actually saw how more people noticed it and she was kind of left alone during the Summer camp we shared. She even tried to summon me to her side! It was so weird after how she's treated me these years. I hope she'll reflect on her attitude and she will be nicer towards people. I'd really like that because I wish I could like her and enjoy working with her.

6- Improve my Italian
I practiced Italian during my holidays and brought back some books to keep the level... so done!

Overall, I think I did good! It hasn't been an easy Summer, but I was very serious about what I wanted to do and I feel like I've shown myself that I can do it. I think I'll write down some goals for Autumn, it's easier to get them done if you put them into words!

Did you have any goals this Summer? How did they go?

A big big hug,



  1. Sounds like you did really well achieving your summer goals - well done!

    Mind checking out my recent - it's a brand collab ft. floral bombers!

    Alice x

  2. This is great! :D You achieved your goals. That must be an amazing feeling. Good job Acqua :)

  3. You've done so well achieving these! Loved reading your goals & how you got on with them. X

  4. Okay now I feel bad, as my only goal during summer was to have fun! Looks like you achieved all your goals AND had fun at the same time. Great job :):)

  5. You're so committed with achieving so many wonderful goals! I think I'll take a leaf out of your book and set some for October xx

  6. You've done amazing Acqua, so glad you achieved your goals xx

  7. Good for you for achieving so much! I had a few goals...I think I reached some but I can definitely say you had a much more productive summer haha :P

    Btw, I nominated you for the blogger recognition awards! Don't feel pressured to, but if you'd like, details are on my blog :)


  8. Hey I nominated you for the blogger recognition award over on my blog xxx

  9. My goal was to finally find a good relationship between a student job, my free time and some blogging... I think THIS year I managed to do everything at just the right paste :) | Tina

  10. Great post, you should be proud of achieving so many goals xx

  11. Congrats on achieving these goals, sounds like you had a lovely summer!

    Check out my recent? ♥