Monday, 29 February 2016

Lonely Or In Love... Help!

Hi there! How are you today? I know I should have posted a Quote of the week because it’s Monday, but there is something that is really bugging me and I feel like I have to write about it, and maybe someone will have a bit of advice for me.

Writing this is really hard for me because it’s an issue that I’ve had for years and I feel like at 20, I should be over it. I never thought it would last for such a long time, and it actually embarasses me a lot. But if I can’t put it here, where would I put it?

Sorry about my rambling, but this is a delicate topic for me. As I’ve said before, I was bullied for a long time, 8 years intermittently. This led me to depression, anxiety and, most importantly for the topic that I’m talking about today, social phobia. I spent a long time having panic of socialising. The sole thought of hugs made me crawl under my bed sheets. I couldn’t have physical contact with anyone because I was too scared. Then I met a boy who took me out of that well and became my best friend. Of course, I fell madly in love with him. How couldn’t I? But things didn’t end up well, and I was left more lonely than I had been previously. I fell back down. And it took me a while to recover.

The thing is… I feel like all those years of isolation were the years in which other people learned to socialise. They got it wrong so many times, but now they know. And I don’t, because I didn’t go through that apart from this only time, and I feel like I’m miles away from where I should be. I grew up too fast in some things, and I’m behind in others. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never be able to socialise “properly”, if that’s even a thing.

The ending of that kind of relationship I had with that boy left me in pieces. He had been the only person I had trusted in a long time and it destroyed me. It took a long time to build myself up, and this time I had to do it on my own. And here I am now.

Sorry again, I don’t know if this is getting too long, but I needed to write the context. The thing is… I’m as scared of being in love as I want to. I’m in love with the idea of being in love. And I swear… sometimes I feel so alone. And here comes the problem. A friend of mine told me how she thinks a boy has a crush on me. I’m not gonna lie… I do look at him with different eyes. But I don’t know if I like like him or I just feel lonely. He is amazing and I wouldn’t want to do that to him. I wouldn’t want to be with him if it’s just that I feel alone. But the problem is things have gotten to a point where I don’t even know how to differentiate both things. How do I know if I’m in love or I just feel alone? Am I in love with him or just with the idea of being with someone? Every time I see him now I’m super tense because I feel like he’s going to say something about that and I don’t want to answer that question. I can’t answer that question. And he doesn’t deserve it.

I don’t know if that makes sense. Sometimes I feel like I’m horrible for what I’m doing to him, even though I haven’t really done anything. But just for having these thoughts. I feel like he deserves someone who is completely, 100% mad about him. And I can’t be that person, at least not yet. Sometimes I think I should go away from him so he can find someone better. I’m just a complete mess right now, and I couldn’t think about anything else, so I wrote it.

Anyways, this is me right now. You’ve seen my thoughts or my advice with some things, but with this? I’m really lost. I’ve always been.

Thanks for reading my rambling and sorry about it! I promise Friday’s post will be more cheerful!

A big big hug!


Friday, 26 February 2016

The Liebster Tag

Hi there! I've been nominated for The Liebster Tag by the amazing Nicky (, V ( and Girl On Rainbow (! Thank you so much! I honestly didn't expect this and I was planning on doing The Liebster Tag and The Lip Product Tag on this post, but if I had it would have been super long. I don't want to make this eternal, so I'll quickly tell you the rules and go on with the tag!

  1. Tag the person who nominated you and thank them.
  2. Answer the 11 questions you are given.
  3. Nominate 11 new bloggers and tag them.
  4. Give them 11 new questions to answer.
  5. Notify your nominees.

  1. One situation in your life you were really happy
    I feel sorry because I'm going to repeat what I said in my last post, but... with my theatre group, we did the musical "Fiddler On The Roof", which I translated and in which I played Hodel, one of my favourite characters from musicals ever. At the end of the first show (which got amazing reviews in newspapers) EVERYBODY on that room gave us a standing ovation. I tear up thinking about it now... we worked so hard, and I for sure would do it all over again!
  2. What song was the last you listened?
    Someday by Eternal!
  3. Book/movie everybody should have read/watched
    100% The Little Prince. It makes you realise of what is actually important in life. In my head, everybody reads it and understands it, but sadly... it isn't always so. It makes me really sad, because it's a really important book for me!
  4. Funniest moment with your friends
    I don't know if I can pick one... I especially like having dinner with them and just talking about our nonsense ^^
  5. Who are your favorite bloggers and why?
    Do you really want me to pick? This is so hard! I'm just going to name two because the more I name, the more I will regret forgetting someone. I'm going to say El The Bookworm and Rosie! I really feel like their blogs have something that connects with me.
  6. What do you think about when you’re home alone?
    All sorts of things! I think about my future, my past, books, movies, youtube... I also sing at the top of my lungs a lot!
  7. What wish did you have when you were little?
    I wished to fit in so, so badly. I always felt left out. Now I see it stopped me from being myself!
  8. One thing you wish everybody in the world would know
    Respect. If we learned to respect each other, many problems would be erased!
  9. What do you want to reach through your blog, and why did you start?
    I really don't know where I'm going. I'd been wanting to start one for a while, and I had finished writing my 8-year fanfiction (okay, yes, I'm a nerd), so I couldn't bear to sit there and not write weekly. It only took me three weeks to start the blog! I made the final decision after reading Girl Online :)
  10. What is your favorite birthday present you’ve ever got?
    Last Summer was my 20th birthday and all my family gathered money so I could fly to LONDON to watch LES MISÉRABLES which, as you know, is ONE OF MY BIGGEST OBSESSIONS. I SAW CARRIE HOPE FLETCHER AND I MET HER AND SHE WAS THE SWEETEST AND I CRIED SO MUCH AND I SHould probably calm down. But I swear, it was the most perfect day ever.
  11. Do you have a place to go which you love? And why do you love it?
    There is that kind of forest besides to my village. There is a specific tree I used to visit when I was having a bad time. Sadly, they cut it off! But I still visit the place some times. I love it because I can be completely alone and think.

1) What's one strange skill you want to master ?(e.g. typing blindfolded)
I want to learn Hebrew! Is that strange?

2) Have you done your homework yet? (hehe)
You know, some of it hahaha I still have the whole weekend though!

3) It's the zombie apocalypse and you only have food as a weapon, what would you use?
Banana peels to make them trip over while I run away!

4) You're phone is 1% and the only way to recharge it is to dance as weirdly as you can, what song would you use?

5) You're about to lose your beloved bed forever and the only way to save it is to trip on soap, what brand of soap would you trip on?
Okay, that question is kinda strange hahaha I guess on one I didn't like, so I could hate it even more!

6) What's your sassiest comeback? (no foul language)
Wow, I don't know... I tend to be really sassy with kids who are sassy to others hahaha They complain but they love it!

7) The world can only be one color, ugly green or hideous pink?
Well, green. As much as I love La Vie En Rose, green is the colour of nature, so I'd rather see a natural world than an artificial one.

8) You get to be a Starbucks cup, what drink do you want to be filled with?

9) It's your last day on earth, what embarrassing thing would you do?
I would be with my friends and family and say everything I've been holding back, I suppose.

10) You're being chased by the cops, what disguise would you use?
I would wear normal clothes, different from the ones they had seen, and my glasses, and I would try to look as innocent as possible!

11) If you can be a Unicorn for one day, what would you do?

1-  Favourite song at the moment?
My all-time favourite is On My Own from Les Misérables, but lately I've been loving When We Were Young by Adele!

2- What is your biggest pet peeve?
When people are extremely inactive and don't have any initiative. Like... do something! It's like they don't have blood in their veins! I understand everybody has their own personality, but sometimes it's too extreme and it's hard for me to bear having someone asking what to do all the time, or just standing there when we have a group project or we have to get something done.

3- Whats the best birthday you ever had?
I've already answered this one!

4- Favourite dream you had?
When I was little I used to dream I could fly and I ended up believing it. Those dreams were super fun!

5- What is something you wish was real?

6- Where in the world would you love to travel to?
At the moment I'd love to visit Greece, Scotland and the Philippines. Also NYC to see a play in Broadway!

7- Who is your favourite youtuber?
Carrie Hope Fletcher (itswaypastmybedtime), Dan (danisnotonfire), Phil (amazingphil) and Zoella.

8- Who is your favourite Disney character?
It's like choosing between my children TT I really like characters like Rapunzel and Anna, and I always could relate a lot to Belle! I also like Mushu and Vanellope.

9- What would you erase in this world? Why?
Wars. We just need to stop hurting one another.

10-What is your favourite food?


11- What advice would you give to bloggers?
Just blog about what makes you happy, write about what you're invested in. Then you'll see people relate to you in ways you didn't expect!

That was a lot to answer hahaha I wanted to do a Q&A next week but I feel like we can leave it for another week because you won't have many questions left after this!

These are my questions for my nominees:
1. What is your favourite book and why?
2. Do you have any strange hobby?
3. What TV series do you recall watching when you were a kid?
4. What would you like to be when you grow up?
5. If you could re-live anything in your life, what would it be?
6. If you could choose a place and time to live throughout history, what would you choose?
7. What scares you the most?
8. What do you wish you knew when you were younger?
9. What is your favourite Dessert?
10. Who is your favourite singer/band?
11. Tell us a random fact about yourself!

So that's it! I nominate (12 people because I'm just that cool): El The Bookworm (, Rosie (, Beth May (, Girl Abroad (, Ella (, nycheartsme (, Hannah Porter (, Katherine (, Laura (, Emily Maltby (, Catriona (, Anne (

And you, yes you reading it, you're nominated, you can't escape it! I hope you'll have as much fun as I did!

A big big hug!


Monday, 22 February 2016

Quote Of The Week #4

Hey hey heeey! How are you today? I come here after a hectic weekend, so forgive me if I haven't read and commented all of your posts... I'll try to do it as soon as I can! And by the way, I have Bloglovin now, so you can follow me there!

But it's this weekend I want to tell you about. These two days have been reaaaaaaally busy, but also reaaaaaaally happy. Me and some more people from my village have been working on a theatre play for a while and we did two shows this weekend. Also, because there weren't any other weekends in the world, I also had a huge concert in which 400 people took part. It's the most exhausted I've been in a while, but I swear I've barely ever been so genuinely happy! The success in both things was amazing, I couldn't believe it.

And here we get to the quote. "Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy." During the rehearsals, especially for the play, I did have a rough time. I just can't seem to get along with some of the people. They're irresponsible and selfish: they don't go to the rehearsals, their attitude when they go is awful, they don't know their part... I was so tired I just wanted to get this done with.

Then, when the play started, the director (who, of course, was the most tired person there), told us something. "Don't let anyone take this moment away from you." And my mind took a turn I didn't expect. He was so right. I love being on the stage. I'm a really nervous and shy person, but when I'm up there? I feel invincible. I feel like I can do anything. I can be whoever I want. I can feel whatever I want. And most importantly... I can make people feel what I'm feeling.

It's such a beautiful thing! I've made people laugh. I've made them cry. I've laughed, I've cried. It's like all the feelings I'm always holding in go out, and when they see it... they just connect. And then they come, and they tell me, and they thank me. And somehow, everything falls into place.

The thing is... in the end, almost all the time, things end up working out all right, and it makes you happy. And then it's hard to know if the struggles were worth it. A choice comes. The choice of what to do with your life. I was so sure of what I wanted to do until this point. I wanted to be a Translation student, and that's what I've done. But what happens later? I'd love to write, that's for sure. And I also love being on the stage. I love translating. And I know that whatever I decide, whatever my path ends up being, it will make me happy. Not other people. Me. That's what matters in the end.

A big big hug!

Acqua xx

Friday, 19 February 2016

Little Me

Hi there lovelies! How are you doing today? I hope you have an amazing day, and if not... I hope I can make you forget about it for some minutes!

I recently discovered Little Mix's song Little Me, and it made me think about a time when a friend of mine was doing a research: he kept asking people where would they go if they had a time machine and could only make one trip. He said that the answers fit in three groups. The first group was people who wanted to go to some point in the past, to see a historical event, to meet an important figure... The second group were those who wanted to see the future, who wanted to see where we were going. And the third group were those who wanted to go to their own past to relive an important moment in their lives.

And then there was me. I'm glad to say my answer didn't fit in any of these hahaha I told him I wanted to go to my own past, but not to relive a moment. I wanted to be there to support the younger version of me.

I've kind of told you how my childhood-teenage years weren't easy (but then again, whose are?). I went through some crap. But that crap has made me be who I am today, so if I went there and changed anything... would I be someone else? For good or for bad, I don't have that choice, but I've come to appreciate who I am today, and hell yes I would change some things, but with the essence still there. Would I have this ability to empathise with people who are going through a rough time? Would I be so invested in working with children and making sure their childhoods are as happy as they can be? I believe this gives a meaning to my life, and I can't imagine me without all these hours spent to make sure they're okay.

All that stuff and more goes through my head when I think about that. We are who we are for the things we've been through. And if we changed the smallest thing, who knows who we might be?

But there's still a young girl alone and lost who thinks she is the worst human being in the world and she deserves the hatred of everybody. And it makes me so sad. I'd just want to be there for her. Go to her in her sleep and tell her her life is going to be magnificent. Tell her she'll do so many things she can't even imagine. Tell her she's gonna fall in love with life, with every little thing. Tell her she's lucky, because she feels everything so deeply. The joy, the pain. She's gonna be so sad and so happy. And that's how it should be.

In the end... I'd tell her to never lose hope. That's going to be the fingerprint of her soul. Hope. I haven't lost it today.

I hope I never will.

A big big hug!


Monday, 15 February 2016

Quote Of The Week #3

Given that yesterday was Valentine's Day, I looked for a quote that featured an aspect of love, so I came across this one and it was perfect in so many ways.

It was perfect, first of all, for the book it comes from. It's The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky (a must-read if you haven't read it!). It's a book that turned my life upside down, honestly. I questioned everything I thought about myself, and it was so good for me!

I'm gonna say something I haven't said before in this blog. I've been reaaaaaally broken at some points in my life. And I've hated myself more than I can even imagine now (thankfully, because it means that I don't anymore). I once had a friend who was very mean to me. I felt like he understood me because he had been through serious stuff as well, but he was actually using me to feel better. By making me miserable, he felt better. And honestly, I couldn't see it right then. Another friend was telling me all the time "Get rid of him, he treats you like shit." However, I wouldn't listen. I just said "But that's his personality, it doesn't mean that he hates me! He just needs to say that to get the stress out, it's okay."

But it wasn't. It really wasn't. It was taking me down without me even noticing. He eventually did something really mean to me and then disappeared. It took me some months to realise of how he had been treating me. It wasn't until then that I saw it wasn't normal, and it wasn't right.

I was accepting the love I thought I deserved.

This quote is just... true. Now, that's a statement hahaha But seriously, it is! I thought I deserved nothing more than that, so I accepted it! Had I thought I deserved more, I wouldn't have taken it. That's what I've done later, and I don't regret it. Some people are like poison. Their words and actions spread so fast, and they can take over your body. You have to learn to stand up and say no. You are a valuable human being (yes, you), and you deserve happiness and love. And that's it. Anything beyond that is just wrong!

I hope this quote made you think :) And I hope you realise you deserve all the love in the world! Oh, and thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post, there were so many and I'm so happy!

I'll finish with an extra quote, my favourite from the book: So, I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe we'll never know most of them. But even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.

A big big hug!


Friday, 12 February 2016

Self-love Near Valentine's Day!


Hey hey hey! How are you doing today? I hope you're amazing! ^^

Soooo Nicky ( nominated me for the Miranda Sings Award. It's an award I found really important because it puts emphasis on self-love! And that's something I forget quite often. Here are the rules!
  • Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who nominated you.
  • Include the featured image on your blog post.
  • Nominate 10 or as much bloggers as you can and link them in the post.
  • List 7 things you love about yourself (This can be about your appearance, your personality, your achievements, etc.)
  • Don’t use negative connotation.(Ex. Many say I have a nice voice. You do and are an amazing singer!) Be confident in yourself!:) 
Now, I want to tell you how this nomination has come at the right time. First of all, we have Valentine's day approaching, and if you're single like me (if you're not it's good as well!) it's a good thing to remind yourself of the good things about you :) Also, I've had a hard week and I've been really discouraged about everything, and I think I kinda needed to tell myself that I'm still worth it and I have good things going on, because in some moments I thought I just wasn't good enough.

So without further ado, here are 7 things I love about myself!
  1. I'm a really creative person.
  2. I can speak six different languages.
  3. I love doing volunteering stuff, especially with children.
  4. I have a good singing voice.
  5. I can read really quickly.
  6. I have a weird memory and I'll remember the most random things!
  7. I try to be full of hope and light and transmit it to others, and when someone thanks me because I've contributed to their happiness it's the best feeling in the world :)
 I nominate the following people:
  • Rosie (
  • Beth May (
  • Girl Abroad (
  • Ella (
  • Yashashvi (
That's it! Thanks for reading, please leave a comment telling me something you like about yourself! Let's spread the positivity ^^ Make sure to remind yourself that you're a valuable human being with amazing qualities and flaws that make you who you are. And that's wonderful!

A big big hug!


Monday, 8 February 2016

Quote Of The Week #2

On to the second quote! I really like this one as well. I'm actually quite obsessed with quotes in general... I think if I had a superpower it would be that I have a reference for everything! You'd tell me something and I would say: Oh! This is like on that [insert random song / book / video / quote / whatever you want]. A friend of mine made me notice this recently and I found it hilarious but pretty accurate!

However, you're here for the quote, so let's move on. "Normality" is a strange concept to me. How can there be one thing that is normal and everything else is weird / different / special? Because we're all different in something, then nobody is normal, but then again, if what's normal is the fact that everybody is different in something, aren't we all normal? I don't know if I'm making any sense hahaha

I think this quote is an accurate depiction of what I feel society understands for "normality". It's not just a point, it's a range. You can be different, but only within it. There are limits. And comparing it to a paved road is really interesting. It's true: being normal is comfortable. You don't take too many risks and it doesn't mean that you won't be okay if you stick to it. But by finding your own individuality and daring to do something different... that's when you add to life. That's when the flowers come out.

Granted, being different isn't always happy. In a society that mocks whatever doesn't fit, it can be difficult. But I think that these views are changing, and as you grow up, you find out you don't care that much. If you hide who you truly are, you are not living up to your potential. If you stick to the mainstream in everything even though your inner self would want to change something, you aren't letting other people get to know you. And it's scary to do, because then you're vulnerable. And you'll find that some people like your true self, and some don't. And that's okay.

Until you unleash your full potential, you won't find out what you can make out of your life. I think it would be a pity not to. Maybe you differ more from the average, maybe you just have slight differences. But everybody should be allowed to be their true self, whoever that may be.

I'll see you on Friday!

A big big hug.


Friday, 5 February 2016

Books and Me

Hi there! How are you today? I hope you're wonderful! Thank you so so much for the lovely comments you leave in my posts, they honestly mean the world to me. And all of your blogs are such a big inspiration! I'm learning from every single post I read ^^ Step by step!

As you know, I'm quite a bookworm. A friend of mine actually calls me a book swallower! Books have always been there for me and I owe them and their authors a lot of my personal growth. My mum told me I actually learned to read before being taught at school, by deducing what she was reading to me and asking her, and when I was five I used to help my dad study for his part in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night by reading the other lines! As you can see, I was already doomed and stuck with reading for life hahaha And I can't complain. Reading has brought so much joy into my life!

Some months ago, there was a trend in facebook that consisted on writing a list of your 10 favourite books, and I remember thinking it was MAD because it was impossible to choose ten! But here I am now, about to do what I avoided then. So there goes my list, in no particular order!

- The Harry Potter series, by J.K Rowling: I'm actually really active in the Harry Potter fandom in my own language. I've met so many people through the fandom and some of them are friends for life! I think Harry Potter has allowed me to expand my creativity and my horizons like no other books have. I started when I was 7 and I've never stopped loving it! My favourite character is Luna, and my favourite book is Prisoner of Azkaban.

- The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green: I think we could say TFiOS is my favourite book right now. That book has helped me through so much. It affected me in such a deep level, it made me change my views about life. Maybe it's not the best book in the world, but it's really, really important to me. It was also the first book I read in English because I chose to and I finished it in a day!

- The Watcher in the Shadows, by Carlos Ruiz Zafón: I actually love all of his books, but this is the first I read and it's amazing. He inspired me so much to find my own style of writing!

- The Kingkiller's Chronicles series, by Patrick Rothfuss: Now, listen. If you like fantasy-medieval kind of books and you haven't read The Name Of The Wind GO. READ. IT. Now. Don't wait. It's one of the best things I've ever read and I'm going crazy because it's been 5 YEARS since he published the second book and we still don't have a date for the third! Man... Sorry, I needed to say it hahaha To sum up: read it. You can thank me later!

- The Hunger Games trilogy, by Suzanne Collins: I'm going really mainstream here, but honestly, I have a passion for these books, and it took me two or three readings to actually understand them. So dark. They don't forgive anyone. It is what it is. And people are so emotionally and psychologically hurt... in the end, there are no winners of the games, just survivors.

- The Solitude of Prime Numbers, by Paolo Giordano: A book I didn't expect to love so much when I first read it! I'm trying to think about a way of describing it that doesn't give away any spoilers... I think it was the first non-happy book I read. And it left an undeniable mark on me! That's why I'm putting it on this list. The main characters are so broken and it's so well-written... it's a must read!

- The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd: Another book that left a mark on me, and it wasn't the kind of book that I typically enjoyed (what I usually read was more fantasy-like). This one is set in the U.S. in the 60s, and it deals with racism and finding your own way. I really, really recommend it. A special mention goes to the characters: they're all amazing!

- The Famous Five series, by Enid Blyton: I used to read A LOT of Enid Blyton when I was younger, maybe I've read about 30 books of hers! I particularly liked The Famous Five and Malory Towers, and they illustrate a whole period of my life!

- The Memorias de Idhún trilogy, by Laura Gallego García: These books don't have an English translation, so I chose to put the title in the original language so I don't give too much away about me hahaha I started to read them when I was 12 and I went crazy over them! If I'm completely honest I might have read them 15 times... please don't judge me. (^^')

- The Little Prince, by Antoine de Sant-Exupéry: I left it for the last one because it's a really important book for me! I always liked it, but for something that happened in the last year it came back to me and I'm not letting it go. I read it and reread it and I always find something new. It means a lot to me and it has made me a different person. So thank you, Little Prince!

And that's it! Wow, that's quite a long post hahaha I hope you didn't get bored and found new recommendations for books to read! I'll see you next Monday with the Quote of the Week!

A big big hug!


Monday, 1 February 2016

Quote Of The Week #1

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. What a simple yet powerful quote.

As I told on my first post Blank Pages, I have quite an obsession with this amazing musical called "Les Misérables". If you're not familiar with it, you should definitely check it out! I love the raw emotions that you can see, the whole story, the will to make the world a better place, the inner confrontation, the neverending fight, the grief, the pain, the joy, and, At The End of the Day (see what I did there?), this condition that is so human in which even though your life is going awfully bad, you still grasp to something and you keep fighting for a new and better tomorrow.

This quote appears in the ending, a moment that always gives me chills. And it always stands out to me. "Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise". I try to have it in random places around me so I'll never forget it. Because I do forget it some times. There are moments when I think my whole life is the night, and the sun will never rise. And I need to keep remembering that it will, eventually. Because it always does.

If you find yourself in the night, right now, you might think there is no way out. But believe me, I know it sounds like a cliché, but it does get better. I've been there. I know how it feels. And it sucks. I want you to know that, if you need someone to talk to, I'm always willing to help. And I also want you to know that there is a big bright future out there waiting for you. It won't be what you imagine... but it will be so good :)

I like this quote so much I even bought a pendant from Etsy! It's the one in the picture. There's a girl who makes them and she makes them with a ton of quotes, if you're interested you can find it here .

And that's it. This is my favourite quote ever. It helps so much in my life.

I'd love to know your favourite quotes! Make sure to post them in the comments ^^ And I want to give a shoutout to Rosie, who commented on both of my posts! Make sure to check her blog . Thank you so much for the positive response, I hope you'll keep enjoying my writings!

A big big hug!