Friday, 5 February 2016

Books and Me

Hi there! How are you today? I hope you're wonderful! Thank you so so much for the lovely comments you leave in my posts, they honestly mean the world to me. And all of your blogs are such a big inspiration! I'm learning from every single post I read ^^ Step by step!

As you know, I'm quite a bookworm. A friend of mine actually calls me a book swallower! Books have always been there for me and I owe them and their authors a lot of my personal growth. My mum told me I actually learned to read before being taught at school, by deducing what she was reading to me and asking her, and when I was five I used to help my dad study for his part in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night by reading the other lines! As you can see, I was already doomed and stuck with reading for life hahaha And I can't complain. Reading has brought so much joy into my life!

Some months ago, there was a trend in facebook that consisted on writing a list of your 10 favourite books, and I remember thinking it was MAD because it was impossible to choose ten! But here I am now, about to do what I avoided then. So there goes my list, in no particular order!

- The Harry Potter series, by J.K Rowling: I'm actually really active in the Harry Potter fandom in my own language. I've met so many people through the fandom and some of them are friends for life! I think Harry Potter has allowed me to expand my creativity and my horizons like no other books have. I started when I was 7 and I've never stopped loving it! My favourite character is Luna, and my favourite book is Prisoner of Azkaban.

- The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green: I think we could say TFiOS is my favourite book right now. That book has helped me through so much. It affected me in such a deep level, it made me change my views about life. Maybe it's not the best book in the world, but it's really, really important to me. It was also the first book I read in English because I chose to and I finished it in a day!

- The Watcher in the Shadows, by Carlos Ruiz Zafón: I actually love all of his books, but this is the first I read and it's amazing. He inspired me so much to find my own style of writing!

- The Kingkiller's Chronicles series, by Patrick Rothfuss: Now, listen. If you like fantasy-medieval kind of books and you haven't read The Name Of The Wind GO. READ. IT. Now. Don't wait. It's one of the best things I've ever read and I'm going crazy because it's been 5 YEARS since he published the second book and we still don't have a date for the third! Man... Sorry, I needed to say it hahaha To sum up: read it. You can thank me later!

- The Hunger Games trilogy, by Suzanne Collins: I'm going really mainstream here, but honestly, I have a passion for these books, and it took me two or three readings to actually understand them. So dark. They don't forgive anyone. It is what it is. And people are so emotionally and psychologically hurt... in the end, there are no winners of the games, just survivors.

- The Solitude of Prime Numbers, by Paolo Giordano: A book I didn't expect to love so much when I first read it! I'm trying to think about a way of describing it that doesn't give away any spoilers... I think it was the first non-happy book I read. And it left an undeniable mark on me! That's why I'm putting it on this list. The main characters are so broken and it's so well-written... it's a must read!

- The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd: Another book that left a mark on me, and it wasn't the kind of book that I typically enjoyed (what I usually read was more fantasy-like). This one is set in the U.S. in the 60s, and it deals with racism and finding your own way. I really, really recommend it. A special mention goes to the characters: they're all amazing!

- The Famous Five series, by Enid Blyton: I used to read A LOT of Enid Blyton when I was younger, maybe I've read about 30 books of hers! I particularly liked The Famous Five and Malory Towers, and they illustrate a whole period of my life!

- The Memorias de Idhún trilogy, by Laura Gallego García: These books don't have an English translation, so I chose to put the title in the original language so I don't give too much away about me hahaha I started to read them when I was 12 and I went crazy over them! If I'm completely honest I might have read them 15 times... please don't judge me. (^^')

- The Little Prince, by Antoine de Sant-Exupéry: I left it for the last one because it's a really important book for me! I always liked it, but for something that happened in the last year it came back to me and I'm not letting it go. I read it and reread it and I always find something new. It means a lot to me and it has made me a different person. So thank you, Little Prince!

And that's it! Wow, that's quite a long post hahaha I hope you didn't get bored and found new recommendations for books to read! I'll see you next Monday with the Quote of the Week!

A big big hug!



  1. This is a great post, I also love to read! Some books I love include The Hunger Games, The Book Thief, and A Little In Love, but there is heaps more I love too!

    1. I was about to puc The Book Thief there as well! But there were so few spots... it was like choosing between my hypothetical children hahaha Thanks for your comment! xx

  2. I really liked this post and I can't wait to read these books! I'm also a bookworm but I like to call myself a book Unicorn! And WHOA TFIOS IN A DAY?! I've been reading it for a week now!

    1. Do it, you won't regret it! Book Unicorn sounds amazing hahaha I told you, I'm a book swallower. I read the whole THG trilogy in 2 days and a half! I just get obsessed with books and I don't do anything else until I've finished... Thank you for commenting! xx

  3. I remember being obsessed with Harry Potter, especially in Yr 4, and wanting to be her! I used to try and wave out my hair and everything. Cringe. I also love the Famous Five series, I remember having audiobooks of them, and still to this day TFIOS is one of my favourite books - it got me crying! Great post x


    1. Harry Potter always expands your horizons! Hahaha Actually, I've never had an audiobook, I'd rather read them. TFiOS makes me cry every time! Thanks! ^^

      Acqua xx

  4. Another great post! I am a huge bookworm too & always have to have a book on the go. I loved all the Enid Blyton books too! I watched TFIOS film but I still need to read the book xx

    1. Right? A book near you is better than a book far away! Enid Blyton is amazing ^^ I still reread her books nowadays! If you haven't, go read TFiOS. It's AMAZING! xx