Friday, 4 March 2016

The Lip Product Tag and the Get To Know Me Tag!

Hey hey hey! How are you doing? I've been nominated for a couple of tags, so that's what I'm going to do today! But first of all, I want to thank everybody who commented on my last post, it was really hard for me to write and seeing that I have your support means the world to me! I won't forget it :)

Before I start these tags I'm going to answer a couple of questions some of you have been asking! I wanted to keep where I'm from private because I was so obsessed with being anonymous, but given that I'm gonna be talking about products that are found in my country it wouldn't make sense to hide it! And anyway you all must have had a growth in Spanish visits in your blogs hahaha so yes, I live in Spain, but my mothern language is Catalan, since I live in an area called Catalonia, and it has its own language, traditions, history, and so on. But I can speak Catalan and Spanish equally! There you go hahaha you know something more about me now!

The first tag I'm gonna do is the "Get to know me" tag! I've been nominated by El the bookworm, whose blog I absolutely love, if you haven't, go check it out!

What is your favourite way to style your hair?

I usually wear my hair down (I have really long hair), or I take some shorter strands from the front and pin them back with bobby pins! It's halfway through a half-up half-down style hahaha In Summer either one or two braids. What you'll NEVER see me wearing is a ponytail or anything that puts all my hair back and leaves my face completely free, since I have a wide face and it does NOT look good on me! And I always wear a tiny braid lost among all the hair!

What is one movie you could re watch over and over again?

Probably The Proposal! I love me some Romantic Comedies, and if Sandra Bullock's in it... I'm sold! I'm quite a Drama Queen and I love dramatic movies, but some times I'd rather see a lighter plot, and I don't get tired of it!

Do you have any pets?

Yes! I have a white kitty... insert picture here! She was spoiled by an old woman who later sent her out, and we kept her... but she's so annoying now! I hope we'll calm her down!


What's on your nails right now?

Right now, I'm wearing shade 04 Keep Calm & Go For A Walk, from Essence's collection "Hello Autumn" (I know, Autumn is far away, but the shade is gorgeous!). It's a really cheap thermo changing nail polish, and it goes from nude pink (cold) to orangey pink (hot) depending on the temperature!

What's your favourite thing about blogging?

I think it has to be the comments I get, and also seeing the list of countries from which people are reading my blog. It's mindblowing! I love languages and cultures and diversity, and the fact that my words can reach someone on the other side of the world is amazing to me! So thank you, all of you, so very much!

Bold eyes or bold lips?

Bold eyes! But that's coming from someone who isn't to be trusted when it comes down to make-up hahaha

If you could blog about one brand's product, which brand would it be?

Hmmmm I'm a drugstore girl with not much money to spend on beauty, so I think I'll go with Maybelline or Essence!

Most used/loved product?

Actually a hand cream from a Spanish supermarket's range! (The range is Bonté by Clarel, if anyone was curious.) I was really surprised when I tried it, it smells amazing and it leaves my hands so moisturised! It also comes in a small package, so it's the perfect size to have on my handbag.

Would you rather have flawless skin and not be able to wear any makeup or never wear skin makeup again but still be allowed to use makeup?

Flawless skin hands down. I don't use make-up that often anyways hahaha

What is your most hated thing about wearing makeup?

I think there isn't a special thing to hate about it! I'd rather leave it for special occasions because I don't feel comfortable wearing it every day, but that's just me, and I totally love hearing about brands and everything. On the times I wear make-up, having to take it away before going to sleep does bother me actually!

I nominate V, nycheartsme and Girl on Rainbow!

And now, on to "The lip product" tag! I was nominated by ItsElla and, honestly, I was terrified, because I don't have many beauty-related products, just a few drugstore ones that I like and that work for me for the few times I wear make-up. But I asked a friend for help to complete the questions I didn't have my own answer for! So thanks, Ella, and you all make sure to check her blog as well, it's awesome!

Favourite lip balm or treatment

I'm currently using Rimmel's "Keep Calm And Kiss" (these people are so original with the names hahaha) lip balm from the Rita Ora range and I love it! It also has a pink undertone, which makes it  really pretty.

Favourite eye catching red.

I had to ask a friend for help with some questions and actually, all of her answers were the same: MAC's Russian Red! She's so obsessed with it she told me to put it everywhere I could!

Best luxury and drugstore product

That would be Russian Red again! My favourite drugstore product is Essence's lipstick in the shade 09 I Feel Pretty! It's so beautiful, it's not really bold (because I don't usually wear make-up I feel really weird wearing something you can see from miles away!) and it really suits my skin tone.

Best MAC lipstick

You guessed it! Russian Red! ;)

The first one is Essence's "I feel pretty" and the second one is Basic cosmetics' lip pencil!

Most disappointing lip product

That supermarket I told you about also has a make-up range called "Basic cosmetics", and I bought a lip pencil from that range in the orange shade. It's a pretty tone, but it makes your lips feel and look really dry and it doesn't really allow them to breathe!

Lipliner - Yes or No

Not really. I'm just too lazy hahaha

Favourite lipgloss

Essence's XXXL nude lipgloss in the shade 03 Taste The Sweets (wow, I've just realised there's a lot of Essence on this list!).

So that's it! I'm not nominating anyone for this one because I've seen almost everybody do it! If you haven't, consider yourself nominated!

I've been hesitant about writing a make-up related post because I'm not an expert, but maybe you'd like to see what's in my make-up bag... I'm quite happy about what I have and it's not expensive at all! Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing it! What I'm actually obsessed about is nail polish, I might make a post about that as well. I don't know... what would you like me to write about? I feel like most of my posts have been really similar and I'd like to change things up! It would be great to see your opinion, to know what you'd rather read :)

A big big hug!



  1. Whoop! I love your answers! And I would do the tag, only I don't use make up at all. You could do the Fifty Facts About Me tag?

    1. Thank you so much! Don't worry, I've been using make up for a short time and I almost never wear it hahaha I actually didn't feel qualified at all to write this post! That's a good idea! xx

  2. Great post! I'd love to see the make-up and nails posts xx

    1. Thanks for telling me! I think it could be fun ^^ xx

  3. I love your answers and AWWW your kitty is so adorable ❤️

    1. Thank you! Hahaha she is adorable on picture, you should listen to her meowing all night long, she won't let us sleep! xx

  4. I, too, got tagged by Rosie to do this! I think tags are so lovely, don't you? They always provide such interesting, and varied answers!xx

    Check out my recent?

    1. I really liked these tags too! I will! xx

  5. I love the Essence Lip glosses, you should try their XXXL Matt Lip glosses they're wonderful! Love your blog <3

    Check out my recent? xx

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! What colour do you like best? I'll check them! xx

  6. Your cat! Omg such a great post xx

  7. Thanks for nominating me! Just one question, I answer all the questions or only the beauty one? btw YOUR CAT IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!! -V

    1. You're welcome! ^^ All the questions before the nomination are the ones from the Get to know me tag, which I nominated you for, but if you also want to do the Lip Product tag consider yourself nominated! xx