Friday, 25 March 2016

Finish The Sentence | Collab with El!

Hi guys! I'm really excited about today's post because I get to collab with one of my favourite bloggers, El! We're going to do a "Finish The Sentence" tag we found online. The rules are really simple: you have a list with some sentences' beginnings and you have to finish them. I'm going to post El's sentences and she's going to post mine on her blog, . Make sure to go over to her blog to read my version, and if you aren't subscribed to her, go and do it quickly! Her blog is amazing, you won't regret it ^^

Before starting the tag, though, I want to take a moment to tell you how thankful I am because of your comments on my last post. It was such an important topic to me and I feel honoured to have all of you as my readers and friends! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Having said that, I present you El's tag! Enjoy it!

1. My grandpa once: Ummm I actually have no idea what to say for this. Although my grandpa does quite a nice roast?

2. Never in my life have I: Liked boy bands. I mean sure, I can't be the only one, but what is honestly so good about them?

3. When I was younger, I: Was ridiculously insane and fit the perfect stereotype of Manic Pixie Dream Girl!

4. When I'm nervous: I tend to bite my fingernails, so I have to keep them nice and short.

5. If I were to get married right now: I'd want to wear my combat boots to the ceremony!

6. My hair is: Short, thick, knotty, and red. I really want a pixie cut.

7. My feet are: Really sore from all the stairs in my school!

8. Last Christmas: I ate way too many mince pies, mainly because I was convinced that I hated them once. To say the last, I was VERY wrong.

9. When I turn my head left: I can see outside the window, where my dad planted a fig tree.

10. When I turn my head right: I see the plate of chocolate chip cookies I'm demolishing!

11. My life is not complete without: books, blogging, the internet and friends.

12. By this time next year: I will be in year 8, which is so weird to think about considering I've only just gotten used to year 7!

13. I have a hard time understanding: Anyone who discriminates others. I just don't.

14. One time at a family gathering: I told my cousin that she looked ugly in her annual christmas card. To say the least, she hasn't talked to me again.

15. Take my advice: Don't listen to the teachers with their BS about the internet. They build it up to be such a big, bad place; I beg to differ.

16. My ideal breakfast is: Pancakes. Lots and lots and LOTS of pancakes. Especially with fresh raspberries.

17. If you visit my hometown: Please pay me a visit! We can go to Lush together!

18. My friends are: The most awesomest people ever. Including you guys! I love you all :)

19. If you spend the night at my house: My brother will go berserk with excitement because that's just the way things are.

20. The world could do without: People who discriminate. End of story.

21. I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: support Donald Trump.

22. The most recent thing I've bought myself is: A black t - shirt. It's actually quite pretty!

23. And, by the way: I am a Star Wars nerd. Don't know if I've ever said that, but yes, I am :)

24. My Birthday: Was more awesome than yours haha XD

25. In the past I shouldn't have been: So judgemental of others.

26. Last night, I: Was super tired because I stayed up way too late.

27. If I didn't have any obligations tomorrow: I'd spend the entire day reading.

28. In the last 6 months: I've been through a lot; but I believe I've come out the stronger person.

29. I bet you didn't know: That I am addicted to The Weekly with Charlie Pickering and I love satirical, political humour.

30. I am: Tired as hell at the moment; a determined and passionate person all round.

31. I read: Too much for my own good.

32. I regret: Nothing; life's too short for regrets.

That's it! Make sure to read my answers and I hope you've enjoyed it!

A big big hug,



  1. Great collab!! Loved reading El's answers! School stairs are a killer for feet, haha xx

    1. Thank you! That's so true hahaha

  2. Yaaaaaaay, this was so much fun Acqua!!! I loved your answers so much, they were awesome. We'll have to do this again sometime!

    1. It was! Yours were too ^^ Of course we do! Thanks for doing a collab with me, I loved it! xx

  3. I love this idea! It was so funny and interesting to read!xx

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