Sunday, 10 July 2016

Top 10 Places I Want To Visit

If you know me, you'll know I love traveling (for instance, I plan on visiting Tuscany, Prague and Latvia these following months), and I can't have enough. I do get nervous before and think "maybe I should stay and not get in trouble", but once I'm away I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. It's hard to narrow down the places I want to visit to my top ten, but I think everywhere is worth visiting! In no particular order, here are the 10 places I'd love to visit.

1- Greece
I'm a huge fan of the Ancient Greek culture and I would be delighted to visit Greece. I went to the British Museum the first time I visited London and it all led to the Parthenon statues. I just stood there as if someone had cast a spell on me! I'd visit them all: Athens, Delfos, the islands... and I know it's technically in Turkey, but I have a fascination for Troy as my final project for high school which I spent a year working on was about the Iliad, so I'd love to visit it as well.

2- Israel
I want to learn Hebrew and I'd love to visit Israel as religion is something very important in my life and I would be able to go back to the roots, which I think religion really needs because it has gone off the rails in some cases. I think Israel, although dangerous right now, would be beautiful.

3- Scotland
I LOVE SCOTLAND! I want to see everything: the cities, the green wilderness, the smallest islands, the lakes and, of course, all the Harry Potter nerdy stuff. Being from an area quite different than the rest of its country myself, Scotland does hold a special appeal because I feel identified with them, it has this similarity which I think would make me feel even more comfortable.

4- Ireland
Okay, admission done: I want to see everything in the British Islands! I just love everything there. Ireland seems such an amazing place to visit because of the beautiful nature and beautiful people. Just bring it on!

5- Tuscany
I love Italy. I've seen Rome and I've been to the Piamonte area four or five times. And as a big lover of art, Tuscany just sounds like the perfect place. The landscapes are beautiful and the culture is too. I just can't wait to see it this Summer!

6- Versailles
Here is a place I really, really want to visit. I can't fathom how large that place is. It sounds like such an interesting spot, most importantly, with a lot of stories to tell; and, as you know, stories have always been my weakness! I'd love to see how it's organised and witness how big it is.

7- The Philippines
My love for Lea Salonga brought me to love the Philippines. I plan on learning Tagalog and visiting it one day! The landscapes are among the most beautiful in the world in my opinion, and the people and mixture of cultures add that cultural spice that you need when you visit something. I just can't wait until I can put a foot in there!

8- China 
I've studied Chinese for three years now, and I've had the opportunity to learn about China's culture and the most beautiful spots to visit. Contrarily to most of my classmates, I can't see myself living there, but I'd love to spend some weeks discovering as many things as I can. China is such a gem with so much to offer!

9- India
This is the one I've been the most hesitant about. I have a friend working with children in the streets of Bombay and she's really excited about it, and this is something I'd love to do. Moreover, I think India's art and culture are absolutely stunning, and its diversity mindblowing and really interesting. As with China, I feel like this huge country has a lot of hidden gems I'd love to discover.

10- New York
Musical geek, Broadway bound. You know me. You know Broadway would be a dream come true. I love musical theatre with a passion and now that I've seen three West End shows, it's time to get bigger. And, of course, who wouldn't like to visit New York? For this girl living in a corner of the Mediterranean Sea it would be unbelievably cool. Just you wait, NYC!

That's it then! I'm really fascinated about these places and I hate that I had to leave others like Australia, California and Austria out of it.

What's the place you'd like to visit the most?

A big big hug,



  1. I really want to visit Paris, Berlin and Rome! I would love to go to Greece to like you, thanks for sharing! X

    1. I've been to Paris and Rome, and Berlin would be lovely! Thank you! xx

  2. I would love to visit Europe one of these days, purely because I love the history behind it! I've been to New York, and I say this as a Musical geek too, it is AMAZING.

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. Ooooh I'm so jealous! I hope I'll be able to go some day! xx

  3. Great post! Wow, the places you want to go to sound so cool! I've always wanted to go to Japan and Spain but travelling isn't really my thing so I'm not too bothered really! I've only ever been out of England once which was when I went to France! X


    1. You're always welcome to come to Spain! xx

  4. I really want to visit Paris and China because I also learn chinese! xx

  5. Greece is one of my fav places ever! I'm also dying to go to Amsterdam though, Great post I loved it! x
    Morgan |

    1. Yeeeeees Greece! I've been to Amsterdam and it's lovely, it's not one of the places I'd choose to repeat though. Thanks! xx

  6. I would love to visit majority, if not all, these places. I'm originally from the Philippines, and the beaches are just gorgeous. Since I'm not too much of a beach person though, I love seeing landscapes and city skylines. I would love to see Greece someday, as well as Italy. Its been such a big dream of mine to visit Rome at least once.

    I just followed you on Bloglovin' :) hope you're able to follow back.

    1. It's such a beautiful country! Rome is absolutely stunning, somewhere I'm definitely going back to :) xx

  7. You have picked some great places to visit dear, I would also love to visit them :) x