Monday, 27 June 2016

QOTW #13: Let's Get Political

First of all, let me say sorry because of this post. I know it's not the kind of post I usually write, but I really need to get this out of my system and I swear I'll try to make it entertaining for everybody.

The quote is funny and everything, but it talks about something that I really think is true. My older readers will know I live in Spain, and we had the Presidential Elections yesterday, Sunday 26th of June. If you watch the news they said it in some countries, but the thing is the ones who won were the ones already in power and I DO. NOT. GET. IT.

First of all, these were the second elections we had, because after the result 6 months ago the politicians just couldn't agree to form a government so we were sent to new elections. The ones who won have completely failed to run the country on the 6 months they've been the temporary government. They've done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Furthermore, the amount of corruption cases of that particular party is ridiculous. They've been involved on the most scandalous stuff and 1) The main media of the country have blatantly hidden it and 2) They haven't even apologised, let alone resign from their job. An audio tape has been leaked where the Interior Minister has admitted how they have fucked up completely the healthcare in Catalonia, the region I live in, and he doesn't even deny it. Or apologise. He's just so mad because it was a private conversation between two polticians and it was part of their job, why is everybody going so crazy over it? They have some important people from the party in jail. They are extremely right-wing and conservative, completely old-fashioned and closed to change (luckily my vocabulary in English is not wide enough to say everything I'd want to...)

And finally, the head of the party. He can't even speak. He just babbles stuff that makes no sense whatsoever. His best quote to date has been "The Spanish people, very Spanish and a lot Spanish!", something along these lines. If he can't even speak Spanish... other languages are out of question. It's so shaming that he represents Spain internationally when he can't utter a word in English. It's like when we were in high school and we voted for the most stupid one just for the laughs.

In other words, this party has been destroying the country for four years and six months, and MORE PEOPLE HAVE VOTED FOR THEM. MORE. It's not like they're still the biggest force but they're falling behind, which would be atrocious but acceptable. They went up. And they're just laughing at our faces while the people they have destroyed vote for them. It's so bad.

I swear, if Spanish people were dinosaurs, they would vote for the asteroid.

The way so many people are going to the extreme right-wing all over the world, even with evidence like the one we have in Spain about corruption, is scaring me. Mostly, it is a vote of hatred. Hatred to new things, to opening up and accepting everybody. It means closing in an age where it's about opening. With globalisation, people get scared, I guess. It's such a great opportunity and I'm really excited about the challenges it means. But they don't want to take the opportunity. They just want to lock up in their own world getting what they need and not worrying about the needs of others. I just hate it.

Okay, I think that's enough for today. I'm quite discouraged... things won't change if people don't want them to. But we'll keep fighting. What other option do we have?

A big big hug,



  1. I think you are rigjt nothing changed without is influencing what happens, it is like firends some of them you don't get along with but they won't just leave your group so you have to leave your friendship group. Changes are good and they always bring something new to the table! Great post x

    1. Yes! I love my roots and sticking to traditions, but you also need to go beyond and accept change! It's a balance, not a contest xx

  2. I was very surprised when I heard about the elections in Spain. The way we hear about it in the Netherlands made it same like the people who used to be in power all this time would go down and that Podemos (that's the name of the party that wants to change things, right? I'm sorry if I got it wrong) would win big time. I'm curious to see what will happen next, but I don't think we'll hear much about Spain after the Brexit.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. Imagine my face following the results! Well, nobody thought Podemos would go over the PP (which already was in power), but they were expected to be the second force while the PP would lose some votes. Everybody is betting whether they'll be able to find an agreement or either we'll have new elections next December... Thanks for commenting, I was really glad to see you knew about it! xx

  3. I was never really into politics until recently, I realised I need to be up to date on what's going on in the world and it really does scare me to see how corrupt everything is I agree. It also scares me that I feel like I can do nothing to help the problems! x


    1. I've recently become interested too, when I started to vote actually, because I wanted my vote to be well thought. Thanks for commenting! xx