Friday, 13 May 2016

Answering your questions!

Hi there guys! How are you today wherever you are on the world? I've been asking you to ask me questions for the last week, thank you to all of you who did! This is my first Q&A, so I'm really excited :) Let's get to it!

Laura (

- What has been your biggest achievement in life?
I feel like my biggest external achievement was A Fiddler On The Roof . Those who have been around longer will know it, but for those who don't, I was in a local production of A Fiddler On The Roof that immediately went huge! It was all over the newspapers with amazing critiques, and we were invited to one of the biggest theatres in Catalonia. I translated the whole thing when I was 16 and it was a hell of a work, but I loved every second! Then I got to play Hodel, who is one of my favourite characters ever. It was such a blessing! My biggest personal achievement I think would be learning to keep my anxiety at bay :)

 Rosie (

- What are your favourite places in the world?
My village is actually one. There's just so much to do for such a small village... I know loads of people who can't wait to finish studying so they can go to live abroad. I'm just not one of them. I love travelling though, just... as a temporary thing! My favourite places I've visited are London, Rome, the North of Italy, Nantes, the Chenonceau castle in France... I wish I could visit Florence, Greece, Scotland and the U.S.! (Either coast would be awesome!)

- Other than blogging, what are your hobbies?
I have plenty! I love working with children, singing, playing the violin, reading, writing, swimming, watching TV series, watching films, watching reality singing competitions, listening to music, going to concerts, watching youtube... and I'm sure there are more that don't come to my mind right now!

- How was high school for you?
Honestly? It was haaaaaaard. So hard. I only knew a couple of people from my previous school, which was awesome because I'd been bullied really badly. I wanted to start over. The first year, my best friend who came with me was ill for some months, so I had to make new friends, and everything was fine. But when she came back, she didn't like that I had more friends. She became a really possessive person and sent everybody away from me. I spent two awful years. That's when I got anxiety and a bad, bad depression. At the end of my third year, though I met a guy who became my best friend. He was amazing. It took that girl a year and a half to take him away from me too. And then, things went bad again, but I managed better (wow, this is almost a book hahaha sorry it's so long!)

- Who are your top 5 blog/bloggers?
Wooooooow this is such a hard question! You all know I love El's blog, and Rosie's and Beth's have been my favourites for a long time too! But recently I've found more blogs that I love... I can't say only 5! To name a few, blossomofhope, Emily Maltby, ItsElla, ambiinwonderland, thepastelstyle, wellwellgirls, Royally Rouge, Autumn's... sorry if I forgot someone! >.<

Ambi (

- What would be the one thing in makeup that you have to have in your collection?
I think it would have to be mascara, because it's the only thing I wear daily! Eye pencil looks better on me though... but I save it for special occasions! So mascara it is! ^^

El the Bookworm (

- If you could be any book/film/theater/miscellaneous character, who would you be?
EAAAASY. Not to steal it from Rosie, but it would definitely be Éponine. Gosh, if I could play her in a production of LesMis... it would SO make me the happiest person on the world! But it's true that actually being her wouldn't be the best thing hahha If I could live one character's life I think it would have to be Luna from Harry Potter. I'd love to see things from her point of view and, of course, I'd love to go to Hogwarts!

- What would you be doing with your life if you weren't blogging?
Writing anything. I started blogging less than a month after finishing the fanfiction I'd been writing for 8 years because I couldn't just stay without writing and sharing my thoughts! I'm working on another project too, but that's classified ;)

- What is something that is traditional to your country that you love? 
Ball de Bastons
I love love love my culture! Here I have to specify: I don't consider the Spanish culture to be the one I belong to. It's not that I don't like it, I think a lot of Spanish traditions are really cool, but I've been raised in Catalonia, which has a different culture than the rest of Spain because of its past as a different country, and I love the traditions here, which I feel are mine. For instance, my favourite one is Castells, human towers. They're getting really huge right now! A lot of people belong to a group. I don't, but a lot of my family members do, and I always go to see their performances! I see them every time I can; I love them so much. I also love Ball de Bastons (stick dancers), which I take part in.

Jess (

- If you have three wishes to make, what are they?
Wow, that's hard! I wish my brother would spend more time with the family. He's had a girlfriend for a year and he barely talks to us, and I wish that could change. I also wish wars were over. It's really cliché, I know, but it would make the world so much better. Finally, I wish people could respect one another. A lot of problems in our society come from disrespect. And I think it's so wrong!

Beth (

- What inspired you to start writing a blog?
The idea came from Girl Online, I'm not original with that hahaha I just wanted to write more after finishing my fanfiction and it felt so right!

- What do you like to do in your free time?
Loads of things! All the hobbies I said above can apply to this. I sign up to more things than I actually have the time to do. It can get overwhelming, but I try to manage as well as I can! I love baking too, and drinking tea.

- What's your favourite shop or brand? 
I really don't think I have one. I loved Maybelline because of their nail varnishes, but I've found out they test on animals and I'm really disappointed. Ooooooh I know I know, my favourite shop is Fnac! They have books and music and dvds and electronic products and stationery and I'm so happy when I go! La Casa del Llibre (The book house) would be a good one too. Both of them have books in English, so that's always a bonus.

Ella (

- If you could make a film, what would it be about?
It would so be a musical! It would have love, and pain, and happiness, and sadness, and loaaads of drama! Some storylines would have a sad ending, but some of them wouldn't, and the final message would always be: there is always hope. If I made a film, I'd want to spread hope. Maybe that could be the title and the name of the main character! That's actually a good idea!

That's all! Thank you so much for the questions and I'll see you on Monday!

A big big hug,



  1. I love your answers! Haha you and Rosie are totally LesMis twins, I don't think there's been a blogpost from either of you without some kind of reference slipped in :D
    El xx

    1. Right? There has to be! Hahah thanks! xx

  2. spending more time with family is my wish too:)
    i like all your wishes! x

    jess x |

    1. That's such an important thing to do xx

  3. Very interesting questions and EXTRA-interesting answers! Love it!

    Ps: I was inspired to blog by Girl Online too. Have you read Girl Online: On Tour?

    BBB xxx

    1. Thank you so much! I have! I read them both in a day and a half hahaha xx

  4. loved this post & loved your answers! It was a really nice way to get to know you better! I can't believe Maybelline test on animals though :( thank you so much for answering my questions & for mentioning me as a favourite blog!xx

    1. Thanks! I didn't know it and I was so disappointed... Thank you for asking! xx

  5. Yessss Les Mis buddies for life! You are my eponine twin. And I'm sorry to hear about your high school experiences :( Thanks for mentioning my blog too! And we have lots of hobbies in common. I hate maybelline, and other brands who test. Uf you ever need any cruelty free brands send me a email xxx

    1. Yay! Well, most people have had a hard time on high school, but it's okay, it shaped who I am and I'm quite happy with it! I'll do it! xx

  6. Thanks for answering my questions, also thanks for mentioning me as one of your favourite bloggers xx

    1. Thank you for asking! Of course you are! xx