Sunday, 31 January 2016

Easy and Happy

When we’re faced with a decision or a problem, we look ahead of us and we might see more than one path to take. The options appear in front of our eyes. And the same thing happens when we want to achieve something. We see the easy path, with barely even stones, full of beautiful flowers and, usually, shorter. And then we see the difficult path, with rocks and bushes, and it seems to go on forever. Maybe the longest one will take us closer to the final destination, but… why would that be worth it if we can choose the easy path?

And then, we decide to take the easy option instead of the harder one. Because, in our heads, we link easiness and happiness.

We couldn’t be more wrong.

Now, think about the times that you’ve been the happiest in your life. It usually happens when we’ve achieved something that has been really hard and that we’ve had to work our butts off (sorry for the language) to achieve. And that’s it, that’s when we’re happy, not when something has been really easy. If it has been easy… it’s okay, it’s fine. But it’s not as epic and, in the end, not as happy.

That’s what society and the media try to make us think. Buy this! It’s easy, it’s cheap, it’s quick, it’s happy! And we believe it. It’s hard not to. I believed it until someone told me to think about it for a while, and I realised they were right. I’ve been really, really happy when something has been difficult. And sometimes it’s hard to see it while you’re in it, but you see it so clearly when it’s done.

So from that moment I decided I would take more chances. In the end… it’s worth it! Working and trying to live life based on my own values and principles gets really hard sometimes. But we have to keep remembering this: just because it could be easier doesn’t mean that it would be happier. Even though it gets tough, we have to keep going. That’s the reason we’re here.

What do you think? What have been the happiest moments in your life?

Thank you so much for your amazing comments on my first post, I hope you’ve liked this one as well! Make sure to check the blogs of everyone who commented, they’re all amazing ^^ I’ll follow a schedule so you know when a new post comes up! I've been posting every day because these two posts had already been posted on my last blog, but I'm afraid I won't be able to do this from now on hahaha On Mondays I will post the “Quote of the week”, and I’m SO excited to let you know my favourite quote ever tomorrow ^^ And on Fridays, regular posts, a little bit about everything.

Thank you again and I hope this post will be useful! Make sure you’re always happy! ^^

A big big hug



  1. This was a really interesting post- you are so great at writing, and have such valid reasoning and points!

    1. Oooh thank you! Your comments always make my day ^^ It was hard to decide what to write about... but when someone pointed out to me this illusion of linking happiness and easiness it struck me a lot and I wanted to share it!

      Acqua xx

  2. Loved this xoxo